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This page has snippets of code that Lajos has decided to release for public use and distribution. These snippets may or may not work with your specific SWR, and may require modifications to work properly. Lajos is not afraid of posting copies of his work for others to look at, but does not always do so. If you see a feature that is on the game that you like, you are welcome to send him a line at

For the most part Lajos does not support these snippets, so make sure you backup your files before attempting to install these.

skillreqs.tar.gz Skill requirements, geared towards SWR 1.0. This allows to install two different types of skill requirements, statistical, and skill.
chandelle.tar.gz Chandelle is a ship maneuver, that allows the craft to turn around, some modifications might be required to work with your SWR. These modifications have been clearly marked.
webhelp.tar.gz The Webhelp generator simply is a module that installs into your mud to create a helpfile database for your website, similar to the one on this one.
transfer_speech.tar.gz A simple demonstration module that shows you how to edit channels to go to specific room distances. Similar to grenade splash damage.
transmissions.tar.gz A very simplistic version of comlink frequencies that are actually attached to the comlinks. Currently used by SW:GD.