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Syntax: bandwidth [comlink] [range]
This sets the bandwidth on the comlink to a given range. Bandwidth
determines how far your frequencies are broadcast, as well as what range
of frequencies you are listening to, with the transmission channel. The
maximum amount of bandwidth is determined by the clarity or quality of
your comlink.
The clarity on your comlink determines the amount of static your comlink
creates by taking advantage of the bandwidth feature. So the stronger the
clarity rating on your comlink the further you can  transmit/receive
without strong amounts of static. Static is represented by an asterik(*),
and it replaces random characters within any given message. If there is
25% or more static, there will be no way to distinguish the source of the
of the transmission. If there is 50% or more static, there will be no way
to distinguish between voices on transmissions. 

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