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More of Arcturus' Modifications-The asshole does work.

Sunday August 17th
-Installed maskaura -masks auras, Kybus' Request.
-Installed redirect -help redirect for more information.
-Fixed qpbuy rship  -ship naming convention, for qpbuy

Friday August 8th
-Installed laser linking. Help "Laser Linking" for more information.

Monday August 4th
-Installed burn skill for pilots.
-Installed overdrive skill for pilots.
-Installed sabotage skill for smugglers.
-Installed sense_traps skill for smugglers.
-Further fixed detrap.

Sunday August 3rd
-Fixed a lot of minor bugs all over the code, mostly reguarding
-Fixed bugs in targetting that were generating crashes.
-Updated weaponsfocus subclass for pilots. See help weaponsfocus for
-Updated general space combat. Damages adjusted for new ship
statistics to be more realistic and fair. Damage reports are 
now given on every hit for both craft in combat.
-Updated date system to Coruscant Standard Time.
-Sorry I haven't been keeping you posted.
Monday June 30th
-Finished all modifications to the PCFLAG_BOUND. Bind skill
respectively installed. Unbind the remedy, works reguardless of
having the skill, as long as you aren't bound.

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