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Arcturus's Modifications-The asshole does work.

Wednesday June 25th
-Finished all modifications to learn_from_failure. Can learn from failing
skills up to 50%.
-Installed static aging, 8.5 real life days to one mud year. Age reset to
17, if your age was not reset, and you are extremely old(at least 30)
mudmail Arcturus.

June 16th 2003
-Installed flushpoison for high level combat characters.

June 15th 2003
-Fixed cargo, no ships with cargo yet available, but it works
properly. Helpfiles to come.
-Updated all the racial helpfiles in the past few days, some typos may
still be around.

June 13th 2003
-Makeforcepike installed
-Planetary flags fixed. May experience some odd wanted flags. Some
mobiles vip flags may have been affected.
-Durasteel quality given a purpose, it affects engineering blades, swords,
bludgeons, and now force pikes. Happy engineering.
-Fixed copyover bug with playerhomes not reloading properly.

June 4th 2003
-Awareness flag modified to only work if you are awake.
-Circle no longer needs a target.
-Fixed detrap


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