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 Race          : Wookiee                                             
 Native Tongue : shyriiwook                                          
 Life Span     : Old                                                 
 Example       : Chewbacca                                           
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                                  
 25  18  21  20  21  17                                                  
 Racial Bonuses:                                                       
  Unarmed Damage Bonus                                                   
 Racial Penalties:                                                     
  Unable to speak Basic.                                                 
    Wookiees are known commonly as slaves to the empire, or in the very  
least, always at war with Trandoshans. They have a problem with            
trandoshans as the trandoshans seem to have nothing better in mind then to 
enslave the wookiees. Wookiees are a rather noble race, often known for    
their incredible might, and their incredible honor of serving life debts.  
They are natived to the planet of Kashyyyk, where they can use their       

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