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Race: Verpine
Native Language: Radio Waves
Life Span: Standard
Str Dex Wis Int Con Char
19  19  21  25  19  17
 Racial Bonuses:
 Racial Penalties:
  No head/ear equipment.
Verpine are an advanced species of bipedal insectoids. Their thin,
sticklike bodies have awkwardly articulated joints and chitinous shells.
Two antennae jut  from the sides of their heads, which have two large eyes
and short snouts. The Verpine live in the Roche asteroid field, using
great repulsor shells to keep  occupied asteroids from crashing into each
other and to deflect other bits of  space debris. They are innate experts
in most fields of technology, and their  childlike fascinations with all
types of machinery has served them well. They  hollow out the asteroids
for use as colonies, sealing them against space and  filling them with all
kinds of technological wonders. The Verpine have  developed into expert
starship builders. The Slayn Korpil Corporation, named  for two
neighboring Verpine colonies, has been well known and respected since  the
days of the Old Republic. It was the Verpine who helped admiral ackbar
design and build the B-Wing starfighters.

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