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 Race          : Trandoshan                                        
 Native Tongue : Trando                                            
 Life Span     : Old                                               
 Example       : Bossk                                             
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                              
 21  20  25  17  17  19                                                
 Racial Bonuses:                                                     
    Improved Regeneration                                            
    Infrared Vision                                                  
 Racial Penalties:                                                 
   These humanoid reptiles were native to the planet Trandosha. They had
long  arms,  which ended in wide, splayed fingers. Their heads were blunt,
with  beady red eyes  and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Their scales ranged
in  color from orange to ochre to brown, and individuals with green scales
  were not uncommon. Much of their body could be regenerated if lost, so 
a Trandoshan could fight much harder without  risk of permanent injury.
Being a vicious, warlike race, the Trandoshans evolved  into hunters,  and
were especially proficient at hunting Wookiees, which inhabited  the 
nearby planet of Kashyyyk. Trandoshans hunted Wookiees with a vengeance
after  the Wookiees put severe restrictions on tourist to Kashyyyk and the
 surrounding system, in an effort to halt the damage to their forests.
This cut off large sums  of credits from the Trandoshans, who retaliated
by  killing the Wookiees for sport.
 This practice was stopped by the Galactic Senate, which ruled that the 
Wookiees  were not game animals and were to be left alone. It was a 
Trandoshan official who  sold the idea of enslaving Wookiees - rather than
simply leveling Kashyyyk - to the Empire, a deal which Emperor Palpatine
readily agreed to. After the Battle of  Endor, Trandoshans were once again
forced to stop pillaging Kashyyyk for Wookiee individuals when the New
Republic threatened economic sanctions against them.

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