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Once your ship is moving through space (has a speed higher than 0), engage
the hyperdrive and perform your hyperjump. To do this, type "hyp" which is
short for hyperspace. You can also type the whole word "hyperspace".
During the hyperjump, you will see the remaining jump distance. The
hyperjump speed of your ship (obviously) affects how much the remaining
jump distance changes each time it is displayed. You can find your ships
hyperspeed by typing "info".                                              
When you come out of hyperspace, type "radar". Locate the planet you want
to go to on the radar screen. In your input window, type "calc [the system
you're in] [coord #1 -300] [coord #2 -300] [coord #3 -300]". The
coordinates this time are the coordinates of the planet you wnat to go to.
You must subtract (or add) 300 from each of the coordinates because if you
didn't, theoretically you would come out of hyperspace in the core of the
planet. The system won't let you do that, of course. It will instead tell
you that your calculated jump is too close to a stellar object.           
Once your second hyperjump is successfully calculated, type "hyp" again.  
When you come out of hyperspace for the second time, check the radar. If
you are still having trouble getting things to work on the first couple of
tries, you may want to go to "speed 0" for this step. Find your
destination planet on the radar. In your input window, type "course [coord
#1] coord #2] [coord #3]", the coordinates being the coordinates of the
planet without any additions or subtractions this time. This will set your
course toward the planet. If you had set your speed to zero, this would be
the time to set it higher. If you are still fairly inept at flying, set
your speed low. Another note: do not set course to 0 0 0 or set the course
without giving any coordinates because both of these things will set your
course to the sun. For those lacking basic logic, this is a bad thing.    

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