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At speed zero, practice toggling the shields, reading your radar, and
figuing out the charts. These will all help you learn ship systems and
possibly navigation, both of which are crucial for skilled, efficient
flying. To toggle the shields, type "shields". Make sure you leave them in
the ON position when you resume flight so that you will have protection if
you are attacked. To read the radar, type "radar". This lets you see the
locations of ships and planets that are in your same starsystem. To figure
out the charts, type "calc". This lets you see all of the starsystems in
the universe that are available for you to hyperjump to.                  
Calculating your first hyperjump is the first step in actually moving
through space to another planet. To find the name of the system you want
to hyperjump to, type "calc". Many times planets are in systems of the
same name. Calc also shows you how far away different systems are. When
you've found the name of the system you want, type "calc [system name]
[coordinate #1] [coordinate #2] [coordinate #3]" all on the same line. For
your first jump, the 3 coordinates are somewhat arbitrary. I use 2000 2000
2000. You probably want to aim around the low thousands, just don't get
too close to 0 0 0. In all systems 0 0 0 is the sun. If it says something
like you can't seem to figure out the charts today then keep trying until
it works. But if is says too close to stellar object then you need to pick
new coordinates because otherwise you'll crash into a ship, planet, moon,
asteroid, etc.                                                            
When you have the course set, increase the speed of the ship, since you're
at 0 speed currently. To do this, type "speed [speed you want to go]". You
may want to set it to a low speed so that when it comes out of hyperspace
it's not going too fast and you'll have more time to react. If you set the
speed past what your maximum speed is, it will default to your maximum
speed. You can find your maximum speed and other information by typing
"info" while you're in the cockpit or "info [ship name]" if you're outside
of the ship. This works on other ships too. If another ship is in your
radar and is close enough, you can type "info [name of ship]" while in the
cockpit to obtain information on their ship.

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