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If you do not own a ship (and I'm assuming most people wouldn't own a ship
if they didn't know how to fly...but you never know) find a ship that is
for rent. To do this, go to the spaceport and type "ships". This will list
the owner or price (if it is not owned) of each ship. Rentable ships have
public as the owner and [credit amount] to rent beside the owner.         
When you find one that is for rent, type "open [ship name]", "board [ship
name]", and "close". Usually the doors of a ship will close automatically
upon launch, but just in case...                                          
Once inside the cockpit (in rental ships there's usually only one room),
type "launch".  Credits will be taken from the credits you have with you,
not in the bank, upon launch. If you don't have enough with you, you won't
be able to launch.  It should tell you that you don't have enough credits
if that is your problem.  If it says you don't know what to do or
something similar, that is because you don't have much experience with
ship systems. Keep trying until it works.                                 
For people who have never flown before, I suggest setting the speed of the
ship to zero after the launch is finished. Do this by typing "speed 0".
You know the launch is finished when it tells you something about leaving
the platform far behind.

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