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The following commands are used to control spacecraft in SWGD: 
SHIPS                          Shows list of ships at a dock. 
BOARD [shipname]               Enters a ship. 
LEAVESHIP                      Leaves a ship. 
LAUNCH                         Launches a ship. 
LAND [location]                Lands at specified dock. 
SPEED [newspeed]               Accelerates to specified speed. 
COURSE [x y z]                 Steers ship towards position x y z. 
STATUS                         Shows ships status. 
INFO [ship]                    Gives info on a ship. 
RADAR                          Scans the surrounding system. 
HYPERSPACE                     Enters hyperspace 
CALCULATE [system] [x y z]     Calculates hyperspace jump to system.
BUYSHIP [ship]                 Used to purchas a ship. 
SELLSHIP [ship]                Sells the ship to the dock. 
SHIELDS [ON|OFF|IDLE]          Turns shields on or off. 
RECHARGE                       Spends fuel to charge shields faster. 
OPENHATCH [ship]               Opens ships hatch.  
CLOSEHATCH [ship]              Closes ships hatch.  
TARGET [ship]                  Aims weapons or turret at specified target.
FIRE [weapon]                  Fires weapon systems. 
REPAIRSHIP [shipsystem]        Repairs the ship. 
ADDPILOT [name]                Allows a character to pilot your ship. 
REMPILOT [name]                Reverses addpilot. 
AUTOTRACK                      Ship automatically tracks your target. 
CLANBUYSHIP [ship]             Buys a ship for your organization. 
LINK/UNLINK [weapon]           For weapon linking 
STARSYSTEMS                    A Starsystems List 
BURN                           Increase Ship Speed 
OVERDRIVE                      Increase Ship Speed 
DOCKING [ship]                 Dock with another ship. 
REDIRECT [power] [power]       Redirect ship power 
SINFO [system]                 Basic system information 
PLOT  [system]                 Exposes possible stops to the target system
REFUEL                         Changes credits to fuel (Will be changed) 
PREPSHIP                       Prepares the ship for launch.
CHAFF                          Releases missile counter measures 
See also: cargo 

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