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Syntax: setrank add [rank]
Syntax: setrank [rank] [field] [value]

Fields are:
Authority -The Rank's Place in the chain of command
Flags     -What being this rank entitles you to.
Name      -The Rank's Name
Wage      -Rank based wages.

List of flags:
leader       - Takes precedence, access to everything.
officer      - Summon clan guards/patrols, dismiss them too. 
withdraw     - Access to clan funds.
pilot        - Access to clan ships.
clanbuyship  - Use clan funds to purchase clan ships.
clansellship - Sell clan owned ships into clan funds.
induct       - Induct new members into the clan.
outcast      - Outcast current members from clan.
promote      - Promote member to a higher rank.
demote       - Demote members to lower ranks
empower      - Ability to transfer empowerments.
roster       - Ability to view the clan roster
locked       - Only the leader can promote, demote, or outcast

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