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It is discourteous and therefore a moray against the use of the black (&x)
token in your title, description, or biography. You will subsequently have
it removed if you fail to comply, and may suffer the lose of privileges. 
It is necessary that the time be taken for a biography and description.

These are the cornerstones of the character you are developing. 
If a player has not completed their bio and desc by level 100:

A verbal warning and time period will be assigned. 
A penalty may be called to halter gameplay until completion. 
Further actions may be taken due to uncooperation. 
Please save yourself the trouble. 
Create a bio and desc prior to level 100; it is common for people to write
them while they are training their stats. 
The format for a biography and description is as follows: 
Four lines minimum with four unique characteristics. 
The following is an example of a generic biography:

Hugruk Grukxa originally came to the common systems in order to
establish his own cargo crew; as when he was young a small envoy 
of tradesmen came to Af'el. The sight of these strange creatures 
was utterly marvelous to him; their wares and curios were of a 
strange make and fashion far beyond anything he had been accustomed to.
Departing from his home-world with little more than an interest for 
machinery and a less-than practical knowledge of medicine for his 
personal safety, it was not long after arriving at Coruscant that 
his primary trade route was established. Now, he aspires to 
draw from the spice market and invest his small fortune in such 
leisures as home-brewed liquor, Twi'lek clones, and robot pornography.

Please show creativity and a real attempt at something intelligible.
The following is an example of a generic description: 
The peculiar tone of this defel's fur when detected by such 
a UV ray would appear purple-like, covering him completely. 
His body is not very large, and his shoulders roll down. 
The only defining tone of his features is his eyes. 
The intense redness of them pools outward from his pupils. 
Don't expect your desc to make us do things, either.
We don't 'gasp in awe' or 'cower in fear' because of your desc.
Don't use I, me, my, or you for this reason.

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