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      contingents of Ryn were quite fatalistic, claiming that they
had been abused by the rest of the galaxy for so long that they often
abused themselves whenever they were alone. When the Yuuzhan Vong invasion
of the galaxy began, many families of Ryn were suddenly  split apart as
refugees were shipped off to any planet which seemed to be on the far side
of the invasion. Despite their separation, the Ryn maintained close
contacts,  and managed to create a tightly-knit web of information
gatherers. They chose to blend into  their environments, taking advantage
of the way other races ignored them to insinuate themselves  into their
host culture, using these vantage points to collect information. Using
secure channels,  the Ryn began to anonymously provide their information
to the Galactic Alliance, in the hopes that   it could be used to defeat
the Yuuzhan Vong. It was believed that the Ryn were led by a single
individual,  but no one knew who it was. Among the Ryn, it was rumored
that this leader established the information network after  learning about
the Great River of the Jedi Knights.

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