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6. Be considerate of other players. 

This game has pkill so this might seem a little bit unusual, but 
there are some guidelines we would like to be followed. 

1. Do not overthrow clans for their funds. 
  -Only overthrow a clan if you intend to lead the clan.  
2. Do not avoid pkill by logging out or going link dead. 
  -You must allow pursuit ten minutes before logging out.  
3. Don't purchase every ship on the market. 
  -That means no more than 2 starfighters, 1 midship, and 1 
   frigate per player.   
  -Clans are allowed significantly more, within reason. 
   Check the policy for detailed ship rules for clans. 
4. Don't go killing clones. 
  -We have perma death, there is no justification for not 
   allowing players to clone if they wish to.  

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