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This is a mock RP session of how an RP session probably should happen. Two
players enter a room, one a combatant, one a leader, both imperial. The
leader will in this case be the higher ranking, and the combatant will be
the bodyguard. The Combatant salutes the Leader as a mark of respect to
the commanding officer, and opens with a greeting. "Good afternoon Sir."
Then the leader responds "Good afternoon." Then if there was something for
the combatant to say, lets say he was reporting about the rebel presence
in the area. The combatant would then say something like "Sir, we have
reason to believe  that the rebel presence in the area is high. It is
dangerous to be treading this area." The leader would most likely reply,
"Very well, I will require escort out of the area." Then the combatant
would most likely say "Yes sir, follow me." That is a brief mock RP
session, and it really could happen. It may not always  happen like that,
but given the correct circumstances it is easy to modify one's rp to fit
the situation.   

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