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RP, or role-playing is important for any mud. Two important easy to know
terms are IC or In Character, plus OOC, or out of character. In character
and out of character are defined as the way you would act inside of your
role-play, and the way you would act outside of it. For example, if you
were actually role-playing a smuggler, you would act like a smuggler, or a
cutthroat, or a thief, whichever describes your character best. Where out
of character you are yourself, and nothing more. Please be careful not to
confuse or mix the two. Many people determine their role-play by out of
character events such as instant messaging software or the use of out of
character tells. What happens in character you know out of character, but
what happens out of character you do not know in character. It is like
acting, a bad actor doesn't get a good prize for his efforts, but a good
actor gets a golden globe nomination. Regardless of the situation, the
best role-play concept may not always be in the best interests for your
player. It may be hard to let go of your obsession with your characters
equipment, but it can be replaced. Do Not Avoid Death by using Out of
Character information. On the same token, do not kill because you don't
like  someone Out of Character.   

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