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To help improve the mud, and give some better role-play aspects to it, we
have decided to try and improve the nature of our races by giving them
better backgrounds. Our helpfiles do indeed include a brief synopsis of a
race, but it is often not enough to really get a feel for the race, or
what types of thing the race would do. Most people would not research this
information on their own, so we wish to provide it for them. Therefore, we
must do the research first so that it may be available for everyone.

General guidelines for doing racial research include noting the races
physiology as well as noting the languages spoken and their homeworld.
Also to be included should be a synopsis of their social stratification,
and some background history that may provide insight into how to properly
role-play that race. 

QP will be awarded to all who participate, even if their work is not used.
QP awarded will be determined by the quality and detail of the submission.
No QP maximum has been set as of yet, however, a quality submission should
earn no less than 100 QP. All submissions should be made to  
Please note that all sources of research should be

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