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In order to ensure fairness and equality for players there must be
punishments. The punishments are different for each crime committed, and
if it is commited repeatedly, the punishments will be greater. Everyone
will be punished if they have done something that is illegal, even imms.
Mortals: Do not argue with your punishment, if you think it is unfair,
serve it then talk to another Imm. Don't spam or swear on channels if you
are punished, because you did something wrong to get punished in the first
place.  If you were punished for something that was extremely stupid,
report it to a high ranking Imm so they can deal with it.
Immortals: Punishments should be fair and just. Do NOT punish out of
anger or dislike of a player. Also remember to make the punishment
appropriate with the crime committed. Wrongly given punishments will be met
with severity.
For more info see: RULES, IMMRULES, BH_RULES

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