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 syntax:    prompt 'string' 
 purpose:   to change the default prompt to given string 
 string can include the following special characters 
%%   Percent sign 
%B   line break 
&   foreground color 
^^   background color 

general tokens
%h  current hitpoints           %H  max hitpoints 
%v  current movement            %V  max movement 
%g  credits you have            %G  credits in bank 
%t  description of time         %T  actual time 
%a  alignment                   %A  alignment description 
%Y  your age                    %z  tab stop 
%d  drunkenness                 %f  fullness 
%c  thirst 
immortal tokens 
%r  vnum of room                %R  vnum of room (alternate) 
%i  wizinvis level              %I  wizinvis level (alternate) 
%u  current descriptors         %U  max ever 
 example:  'prompt %h %m %v' = current hp/fp/movement 
 also see:  HELP COLORS for a listing of color tokens.

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