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Syntax: note list    [number]	OR: message list [number]
Syntax: note read    [number]	OR: message read [number]
Syntax: note read    all	OR: message read all
Syntax: note write		OR: message write all
Syntax: note subject [string]	OR: message subject "string"
Syntax: note to      [to-list]	OR: message to [to-list]
Syntax: note take    [number]	OR: message take [number]
Syntax: note show		OR: message show
Syntax: note post		OR: message post
Syntax: note remove  [number]	OR: message remove

NOTE LIST lists notes which you can read.  NOTE READ reads one or all notes.
By specifying a number after NOTE LIST, you will list all notes including
and after that number.

NOTE SUBJECT sets the subject line of a new note.  NOTE TO sets the list of
recipients.  The recipient ALL means all players, and the recipient IMMORTAL
means all immortals.

NOTE WRITE puts you into edit mode, where you can easily enter your note
with use of some simple editor commands:
            /? - help    /s - save    /l - list    /c - clear

NOTE SHOW shows your note in progress; NOTE CLEAR starts over.

NOTE POST posts your note for reading.  Posting is not automatic.

NOTE REMOVE removes the entire note if you are the sender, or just removes you
from the to-list if you are a recipient.

NOTE TAKE takes the note as in NOTE REMOVE, as well as physically taking 
it in your inventory.

Notes now require a blank message disk to record :)
See also 'voting'.

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