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How many times must we start again?
The creation of the world from beginning to end.
What will it take before we know?
We gotta wake up now 'n' show some concern.
What will the future bring?
How many species of birds will have a song to sing?
Man 'n' man can't even get on,
'N' man 'n' women been at war for far too long.
Superir race all this black 'n' white white vision.
Catholic, Muslim, there's too many religions,
too much hatred, too much greed.
Ignorent people pollute the air that we breath.
We're gotta wake up now before its much too late,
hungry people need food on their plate.
People being killled for just a few pence,
can you justify that? Cause it makes no sense to me.
You're growing up much to fast,
The distruction of mankind, how long will it last?
Perfect, that's what I'm striving to do.
The next best thing will have to do for me.
I do my best, you disagree.
Holier - then - thou  Holier - then - me.
Committing crimes with no remorse.
As good as gold now an evil force.
One word disciptioin is a dis.
You lick a boy down for his bag of cheese 'n' onion crisp.
And you don't even stop to think,
whatever happened to the dinosaurs could make us all extinct.
I'm being judged by the clothes that I wear.
We gotta educate those with a grudge to bare.
But I'm content to a certain extent.
You're condemmned for life, it's too late to repent.
Innermost beauty, such a terrible waste...
Be judged by according to what you've done.
Live this life, the next is a better one.
Eat the fruit from the tree of life.
'Cause if you live by the sword... you'll die by the knife.
How great and wonderful are your days?
How right and true are your ways?
No more death, grief, crying and pain,
for only the good things will remain...
Heed my words, for what I'm saying is true.
Treat them exactly as they treated you.
Wipe away the tear from your eye.
Be pround, reach for the skys...
--cont on nge2--

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