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...You feel slightly faint as your head begins to spin.

Your hands begin to tingle once more...
A vortex of energy starts to swirl throughout your hands, going faster
and faster... becoming almost painful! 

Beams of light break through your skin, one at a time, then more and
more until the light is almost to bright to bear...

As your squint your eyes, you perceive a vision of great beasts of wonder,
dangerous and unnatural fiends, pixies, faeries, tribes and clans, peoples
of all kinds, ancient forgotten artifacts, weapons of vast untapped powers,
crystal balls, magick rings, staves, wands, rods, arcane tomes of untold
secrets... your mind is bursting with inspiration...
You sense a new, reborn feeling of unlimited potential and power...
In your hands the power to build and create these visions for yourself!

The bright light from your hands fades away... but strange faint glow
remains always.

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