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From ethereal firmament, a hideous creature appears in a volley of
brimstone with noxious fumes of phosphorus in a pillar of flames!
The demon's sneer drives you to your knees, as glowering cinders
of incandescant eyes pierce your thoughts with madness and mortal
fear. Soon, you find your body revulsing as you soil yourself.
Hellacious talons spread wide for your body and rend you piecemeal,
ripping out your organs in a delicate swipe of immaculate sinuous 
arms and freeing your blood to splash as a fountain of his
You would scream in horror if your throat was in one piece, yet the
gurgling death throe encompassing your flooding lungs which retch
upon your sanguine flow are cut short as a gaping maw of fangs
eases down from this monstrosity to snip your head clean off...
Fortunately, your eyes close and your mind swirls in agony
as you slip into unconsciousness, mere prey for the yearning
insatiable blood lust of the abomination of the heavens, Balzhur.

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