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                          -- June 1, 2012 -- 
We released the new academy within the past two weeks and the general
response has been good. We are glad that the new academy is working out
and have begun to work on new projects, and continuing efforts are being
put into new schematics, and extending the espionage class. 

Also due to popular demand, we will now begin allowing trading items 
between characters. There is a possibility that we will also allow homes
to be account based, but that feature has yet to be implemented. 

As always we are always on the lookout for new and potential builders. 
Our code has always been ahead of our areas, and we would like to address
that issue. The only way we can is if we get people that are willing to 
help out by building new areas. Experience is not necessary, just a 
willingness to learn, and to work. 

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