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On occasion someone will play from a school line, and wish to play
with a small community of friends on a LAN line. To qualify for the
LAN test, one applicant must be level 100.
The test is given in three parts.
Question and Answer.
Response period. (Several options available for testing.)
Assessment and Assignment.
Do not attempt to play on a LAN line prior to having applied
for the test, and all applicants must be present. Not all 
applicants must be level 100 at the time of the test; only
the first character is necessary. Be prepared to actively
respond, and only seriously applicants need apply -
To have tried and failed may be worse than you think.
It is disrespectful to lie and take so much of an Immortal's
time to personally assess each member of a LAN party,
the gravity of this typically results in a ban for any
suspicious or fraudulent behavior.

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