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 Race          : Ithorian                                          
 Native Tongue : Ithorian                                          
 Life Span     : Standard                                          
 Example       : Hammerhead in Mos Eisly (Ep IV A New Hope)        
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                                
 18  17  17  23  22  23                                                 
 Racial Bonuses:                                                     
 Racial Penalties:                                                   
    Ithorians are tall sentiant creatures with a long curved neck topped
with two bulbous eyes. The nickname "Hammerhead" is well founded. The have
two mouths on either side of the neck which make speaking most languages
come out in a stereo like affect. They are a peacefull race that live in
communities called "herds" most of which are in floating cities above the
lush rainforest jungles of their homeworld. Ithorian are primarily
pacifist and prefer diplomacy over armed conflict, they worship patron
nature gods and tend to follow agricultural and horticultural paths. 

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