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Syntax - Interdict
Skill - Ship Systems
Class - Piloting
Details -
This skill can be used on any ship with Interdiction Generators installed
to generate a gravity field, preventing escape from the system.  A ship
must be at LEAST 100k, 100k, 100k from an interdiction ship to make ANY
jump to hyperspace (note that 300k, 0, 0 won't work; the field creates a
sphere, not a field).
The Downfall is that Autorecharge CANNOT be used by a ship with
interdiction field up, nor will manually recharging shields work.  A ship
with a field up, thus CANNOT regenerate it's shields.
An Interdiction field will drop if either --
A) It's Turned Off
B) The ship generating the field is destroyed
C) The Engines on the interdicting ship are disabled
To purchace a field for your CAPITOL or SUPERCAPITOL ship, see a 110, and
have a cool 10 Million credits ready.
-- Raijen

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