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SLIST   - a command that lists all your powers and skills and the level at
          which you may practice them.
AREAS   - Typing AREAS will get you a list of all areas.  You may get more
          information on each area by typing HELP [full area name].
WIZLIST - This is a list of all Immortals of the game.
COMMANDS- This is a list of all commands available to you.
SOCIALS - This is a list of all socials available. 
TIME    - This will tell you the current times inside the game, the time
          the game was last rebooted, and the current time at the sight.
WHERE   - Where will give you a list of other players in the same area.
SAVE    - After level two, typing SAVE will save your process.
QUIT    - If you want to leave the game, type QUIT.
WHO     - A list of other players visible to you in the game.
TITLE   - Once you reach level five, you may make your own title.
PASSWORD- Your character's password can be changed with PASSWORD [old] [new].
DESC    - You may set up a personal description, type DESC to edit.
Note that this is only a very brief list of commands.

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