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Building in SWR is customarily as simple as knowing SMAUG, and sticking to
it. At SWGD we harbor several respectively unique building properties,
which are generally multi-purpose in application and allow for a much more
customized feel. 
A short list of requisites for a building application:
Prior building experience, up to 3 years dated.
List of characters for examination.
Personal aptitudes, programming, etc.
A 20-25 room genuinely unique area.
Written as though pasted and entered with imm commands.
Will be reviewed on:
Spelling, grammar, vocabulary, mechanics, and relativeness to theme.
Submit to for initial review.
Expect at most a week of indecision.
If you wish to code at SWGD:
Formal edicts are accepted at the Imperial Hotel.
If you wish to work in Public Relations:
You will be condemned at a later time.
Good luck, and thanks for the interest.

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