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IC - In character - Means that you're not chatting with your friends about
friday nights plans, or what to wear to the mall, it means what your MUD
CHARACTER is saying. Ignorance is  no excuse for misusing channels, if you
mean to jokingly tell someone OOC you're going to kill them but do it IC
they have every right to defend themselves and attack you if they feel
threatened. You can use the ask and answer, as well as tell channels (if
you don't understand  them there's a reason someone teaches languages)
if;you want to talk OOC or just go to a hotel, it's not that difficult and
it's cheaper then using IC and clears up any confusion and lessens whining
because someone was killed because they "accidentally said the wrong
thing on the wrong channel".

OOC - Out of Character - Means you're talking about issues not
game related like a bug or have another mud-based question, this
does not mean you go "Hey Jim I need food pick me up" or "Hey 
So and So just killed me I'm gonna get you!" however there are a 
constantly growing number of help files and most of your basic 
questions should be there for answering, but yes there are times
here there are questions only an imm or a fellow player can answer.
However Excessive abuse of OOC will result in possibly being silenced.

See help WhatIsIC, WhatisOOC

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