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Honour is gained or loss through either Sparing, or Player Killing.  Every
player begins the game with an honour score of 0. To gain status, simply
spar or fight somoene within 5 status of yourself.  If you spar, and are
victorious, you gain 1 point of Honour, while your opponent looses one
However, the real fun begins when actually player-killing.  If you emerge
victorious, you gain ALL of your opponent's honour (assuming he/she was
within 5 status or more when the kill occurs).  Thus if player with 23
honour fights a player with 19 honour, the winner would have 42 honour.  If
a player with 1 honour then came uppon the weakened opponent and killed
him, he would have 43 honour.  However if the more powerfull player wins,
he would remain at 42, as the 1 honour player is out of his range.

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