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Race: Gotal
Native Tongue: Gotal
Life Span: Standard
Example: N/A
Str Dex Wis Int Con Char
 22  22  18  18  20  20
 Racial Bonuses:
  Detect Magic
 Racial Penalties:
Gotals come from the Prindaar system and primarily from the fouth moon
orbiting the gas giant Antar. They are shaggy furred humanoids usually 
grey with loose greyish brown skin. Their eyes are tinged red and atop 
their heads two cone shaped protrusions.

Gotal are very empathetic and often can mistake other species emotions.
Fondness can be mistaken for love, while anger for hatred and violent
intent. It is often that many a misunderstanding has been made by the
wrong interpretations.

Gotals have often been employed as bounty hunters their keen sense and
physical sturdiness offers them many advantages in this field.

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