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Syntax: follow [character]; Syntax: group [character]; Syntax: group
'Follow' starts you following another character.  To stop following, type
'follow self'.  You cannot follow those more than ten levels above you.
'Group [character]' adds someone who is following you into your group, making
them a group member.  Group members share experience from kills, and may use
the GTELL and SPLIT commands.  If anyone in your group is attacked, you will
automatically join the fight.
If character is already a member of your group, using 'group [character]'
will remove them from your party.  Removing the character from the group
does not stop them from following you, however.  A character can also
leave your group by using the 'follow self' command, in which case they
will both leave your group and stop following you.
'Group' with no argument shows statistics for each character in your group.
You may follow lower level characters or characters up to ten levels higher.
You may group only characters within eight levels of your own.
'Group all' groups all eligible players following you in the room.
'Group disband' allows a leader to disband his group (members stop following
 and are ungrouped).

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