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Syntax: find_schematic [layer/wearloc/type] [argument]
Syntax: find_schematic [term]

The find_schematic command is a way to search through the schematic
table to look for what you want, quickly and efficiently. It has
four modes of activation.

The default mode is search by prefix. Ex: find_schematic segmented 
will bring up all the entries that begin with segmented. The more 
letters you add, the narrower your results will be. 

The second mode of activation is by layer. Ex find_schematic
layer 1, will bring up all entries for equipment that fits on layer
1. There are 8 total different layers.

The third mode of activation is by wearloc. Ex: find_schematic
wearloc body will bring up all possible pieces of equipment that go
on the body wearloc.

The final mode of activation is by item type. Ex: find_schematic type
detonator. This will show you the available detonators to craft. 

See also: relevant crafting skills, schematic_info, craft_item 
See also: wearlocs 

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