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You may choose a fight by finding a mob, and using LOOK, CONSIDER, and
IDENTIFY to gauge the difficulty of the opponent.  You can LOOK [mob]
to get a look at its equipment and description, this will often help
indictate how hard a fight might be.  You can CONSIDER [mob] for a one
on one comparison of the mobs hitpoints and level to your own.  You may
also FEEL IDENTIFY [mob] to get more detailed information about the mob
if you have force ability.
You may start a fight by using KILL, MURDER, or many powers and skills
available to players.  The easiest way to start a fight is to KILL [mob].
Currently, you may also MURDER [mob], but this causes the mob to yell out.
You may find yourself in trouble during a fight, and wish to leave, this
can be done by using FLEE or RECALL.  You can flee a fight by typing FLEE.
You may recall from a fight with the power 'word of recall' or by reciting
a recall scroll.  You may also set it up to flee automatically once you go
below a certain number of hitpoints by using WIMPY.  To use your wimpy, type
WIMPY or WIMPY [number of hitpoints].  Leaving a fight with wimpy, flee, and
recall WILL cost you a loss of experience, with recall causing the greatest
Recall is an immortal ability

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