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The False Prophet is one that has bound themselves to the will of
the force. Or so they would claim anyway. Sometimes people will
allude to them as the Gray Jedi, others call them heretics and 
fiends. They are open to using all force powers, regardless of 
how vile they may appear on the surface. The Force is NOT inherently
evil in their minds. 
They may or may not be evil, but the branding of evil never fades
from dabbling in the dark side. Because of their unwillingness to
commit firmly to a code they have lack the zeal that empowers true
jedi and sith masters. 
- General level 100 
- Force level 75 
- Alignment of -400 or lower 
- Ability to use all force spells. 
- Alignment cannot go higher than -400. 

- Force powers are significantly weaker. 

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