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Syntax:  level
Your character advances in power by gaining experience.  Type LEVEL to see
how many experience points you'll need for the next few levels.
You gain experience by:
    inflicting damage upon an opponent
    being part of a group that kills an opponent
    succeeding while learning a skill or a power through real world usage
You lose experience by:
    fleeing from combat
    recalling out of combat
    being the target of some powers (energy drain, etc.)
The experience you get from a kill depends on several things:  how many 
players are in your group; your level versus the level of the monster;
your alignment versus the monster's alignment and some random variation.
Your last 25 kills are recorded.  Each time you kill a creature that has
been one of your last 25 kills you will receive less and less exp for it.
The creature will also learn from its experience with you over time; if
its intelligence is higher than your own it will begin to gain an
advantage over you in combat.

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