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Syntax:  drink [object]                  (drink liquid from a drink container)
Syntax:  eat   [object]                  (eat food or a magical pill)
         eat   [object] [container]      (eat directly from a container)
Drink instructs your character to drink from a fountain or a drink container
to alleviate thirst.
Eat instructs your character to eat an item of food or a magical pill (which
function in a similar fashion as potions); pills do not fill stomach space.
When you are hungry or thirsty (you will see messages at each tick that
tell you if you are starving or dying of thirst, and can check your
current state with either 'score' or 'oldscore'), you will not regain
hitpoints, movement points or force back as rapidly as if you were well
fed and hydrated.
If you stay hungry or thirsty too long and you are not an Avatar, your
mental state will begin to suffer.  Your combat skills will be affected,
your coordination will suffer and you may begin to either hallucinate or
become depressed.  Eating, drinking and a little rest will solve this
problem after a short period of time.

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