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Race          : Duinuogwuin                                         
Native Tongue : Duinuogwuin                                         
Life Span     : Infinate                                            
Example       : n/a                                                
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                                 
 20  18  25  22  22  15                                                 
 Racial Bonuses:                                                      
  Aqua Breath                                                           
 Racial Penalties:                                                    
    Duinuoqwuins, or Star Dragons, are a sad, noble species with  a
habit of taking  up  lost causes. These huge, snakelike multipeds with
gossamer wings average  about ten meters long. Large, reptilian scales
cover their bodies, though they  have floppy, mammallike ears. Each body
segment has a pair of legs, though the  limbs attached to the foward
segments have evolved into arms and hands. This  ancient species comes
from a secret, unknown world. They can be encountered on  all types of
worlds and even in deep space, where it seems they n eed to  artificial
protection. The Star Dragons have a deep-rooted sense of morality  and
honor, and most have at least some sensitivity to the Force. There are
even  tales that tell of an ancient time when Duinuoqwuin served as Jedi
Knights.  Because of their enormous size Duinouqwuin cannot wear armor.
However they have excellent hit points and regeneration rate. They also
fave the unique ability to fly. They are also very strong in the force.   
They also have the ability to breathe fire.  See 'Help DBREATH' for more

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