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Race          : Dug                                                 
Native Tongue : Dug                                                 
Life Span     : Old                                                 
Example       : Sebulba                                            
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                                 
 18  25  17  22  19  20                                                 
 Racial Bonuses:                                                      
 Racial Penalties:                                                    
    this alien race resembles a small horse, although it is completely  
hairless. The Dug have leathery, grey skin and small, beady eyes. They can
easily walk on their hind legs, their forelegs, or all fours. They used   
their four hands  to help them move through the trees of their homeworld  
of Malastare. Much of their language is punctuated with knuckle rapping   
and foot stomping. Dugs became the sworn enemies of the Gran when a group 
of Gran   established a settlement on Malastare. They fought viciously for
many years before the Old Republic intervened, as the Gran believed that  
the Dugs were subservient and incapable of ruling themselves.             
Unfortunately for the Dugs, the Republic ruled in favor of the Gran, and  
the Dugs were pushed to the fringes of Malastare's economy. Dug society   
became insular, and they turned into self-congratulatory braggarts.     

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