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Syntax:  drop [object]
         drop [amount]  coins
Syntax:  get  [object]
         get  [object]  [container]
Syntax:  give [object]  [character]
         give [amount]  coins [character]
Syntax:  put  [object]  [container]
Syntax:  get/put/drop   [# amount]  [object]
Syntax:  get/put        [# amount]  [object] [container]
DROP drops an object, or some coins, on the ground.
GET takes an object, either lying on the ground, or from a container, or
even from a corpse (TAKE is a synonym for get).
GIVE gives an object, or some coins, to another character.
PUT puts an object into a container.
Use 'drop/get/put all' to reference all objects present.
Use 'drop/get/put all.[object]' to reference all objects of the same name.
 - drop 1000 coins
 - get all.ball backpack
 - get 5 sword
 - put 15 potion backpack

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