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 Race          : Droid                                             
 Native Tongue : Droid                                             
 Life Span     : Indeterminable                                    
 Example       : R2D2, C3P0                                        
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                                
 24  24  22  17  16  20                                                
 Racial Bonuses:                                                     
  Infrared Vision                                                      
  Aqua Breath                                                          
  Detect Hidden                                                        
  Detect Invisible                                                     
 Racial Penalties:                                                   
    Droids are semi sentient beings that come in a variety of shapes and
sizes. They are multipurposeful but are in fact limited to their
programming. Normally droids have been built and programmed to perform
different functions, from navigation to combat usage. More often than not
droids have owners and are compelled to follow the cammands of them,
however, a few have shed the bonds of ownership and are free to persue
their own agendas.   Droids are not living, they do not feel emotion or
spite. They act within the limits of the program that they have been
given. They do not kill out of spite, or amass fortunes due to greed. If
they kill it is because they are programmed to, they must remain true to
their original task. Droids can be reprogrammed but it will not be a self
aware action. Droids do not choose their path the path is chosen for them.
Keep this in mind when choosing a droid.

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