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 Race          : Defel                                               
 Native Tongue : Defel                                               
 Life Span     : Old                                                 
 Example       : n/a                                                 
STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA                                                  
 21  24  21  18  18  19                                                  
 Racial Bonuses:                                                       
  Unarmed Damage Bonus                                                   
  Perminate Invisibility                                                 
  -750 Armor Value Bonus                                                 
 Racial Penalties:                                                     
  Unable to Equip Armor, excluding Weaponry and Shield                   
    Defel are an Alien species that appear as large, red-eyed shadows    
under most lighting conditions. This has given rise to their common name:  
Wraiths. Under Ultraviolet light, Defels appear as stocky, fur-covered     
bipeds  with protruding snouts and long, clawed, triple-jointed fingers.   
They stand about 1.3 meters tall, with shoulders as wide as 1.2 meters     
across.  This species lives in underground cities on the planet Af'El,     
where most inhabitants make their living through mining and metallurgy. In 
the galaxy at  large, Defel often find employment as hired muscle, spies,  
and assassins due to  their shadowy forms. Defel can't wear armor because  
it would interfere with their natural invisibility. However the fact that  
they are nearly impossible to see makes them very difficult to hit.      

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