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Classification   Cost               Size (Rooms) 
Starfighter      See below          See below 
Midships         6,500,000+         5-15  
Frigates         10,000,000+        15-25 
Capital ships    15,000,000+        25-40 
Super capital    30,000,000+        40-99 
Space station    50,000,000+        50-150 
Notes: Custom made starfighters are not available for purchase, 
however  special orders for already in game archetypes are available. 
Purchaser must meet clan restrictions for imperial/republic ships. 
Cost will be 1,000,000 plus base cost of vessel. These archetypes may 
have custom names. 

*Only vessels that cannot land are permitted to have quitting rooms, or
 bacta tanks. 
*Custom made objects for ships cost 1,000,000 a piece and are subject to
*Ship rules apply to purchasing custom ships, therefore only clans may 
 buy something larger than a frigate. 
*Ships are subject to quality control assessment. This applies mainly 
 for ships that are capital ships or larger. But if the colors are 
 extremely offensive, or if the content is not SW related, all ships 
 may be rejected. 

Email requests to with subject:Custom Ships 

Notes: On ships larger than a midship, users will be required to pick 
the ships initial modules. 

Notes: If you want to see some guidelines or tips for custom ship 
creation see helpfile shiptips. 

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