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Syntax:  config + or - [option]
This command configures some of your character behavior.  Typing CONFIG
alone shows you your current settings.  With a plus or minus sign and
an option, CONFIG turns that option on or off.
The options are:
    AUTOEXIT  You automatically see exits.
    NORECALL  Toggle automatic recall if you lose link during combat
    AUTOLOOT  You automatically loot corpses.
    AUTOSAC   You automatically sacrifice corpses.
    AUTOCRED  You automatically split gold from kills with your group.
    BLANK     You have a blank line before your prompt.
    BRIEF     You see brief descriptions only.
    COMBINE   You see object lists in combined format.
    PROMPT    You have a prompt.
    TELNTGA   You receive a telnet GA sequence.
    NOINTRO   Toggle whether you see the graphic screen at login
    GAG       Toggle whether you see battle details in full or brief form.

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