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SWReality Building Pg 3
                         MOB BUILDING BASICS

MCREATE [vnum] [cvnum] [names]  Creates a mob with the vnum/names specified.
                                A mob with Empire or Republic (or other clan
                                name) as one of their names will give less
                                xp when killed by someone of that clan.

MLIST                           Lists mobs in your area.
MLIST [lowvnum] [hivnum]        Lists mobs between those numbers.

MFIND [name]                    Returns a list of all mobs with that name.

MSET [mob] HP [value]           these are the most important values
MSET [mob] ALIGN [value]          to set although there are many optional 
MSET [mob] HITROLL [value]        choices type MSET by itself for a list
MSET [mob] DAMROLL [value]
MSET [mob] LEVEL [value]
MSET [mob] CLASS [value]        class 0 citizens don't give as much xp when
MSET [mob] SHORT [short desc]     killed for obvious reasons
MSET [mob] LONG [long desc]
MSET [mob] DESCRIPTION          puts you into the editor
MSET [mob] HITNUMDIE [amount]
MSET [mob] HITSIZEDIE [amount]
MSET [mob] DAMNUMDIE [amount]
MSET [mob] DAMSIZEDIE [amount]

MINVOKE [vnum]                  Loads a previously created mob.

SAVEAREA                        Do this alot.


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