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SWReality Building Pg 2:
                          ROOM BUILDING BASICS

GOTO [vnum]                     You need to use this to goto the vnum where
                                you wish to create the new room.

RSTAT                           Gives you the current room statistics.

RLIST                           Gives you a list of rooms in your area.

REDIT NAME [name of the room]
REDIT DESC                      Puts you into the description editor.
                                Make sure you press enter after each line.
REDIT SECTOR [sector value]     Type redit sector by itself for sector list.
REDIT FLAGS [flag] [flag] ..    Type redit flag by itself fo a flag list.
REDIT BEXIT [dir] [room]        Creates a two way exit to [room]
REDIT EXFLAGS [flag] [flag]..   Type redit exflags by itself for choices.

SAVEAREA			Saves your area .. do this alot :)



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