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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Well I've converted most of the website over to the new css3 html 5.0 design. For the most part I like the way it came out. Very happy about those little logos tagged on the upper right corner of these posts. The only parts of the site that have yet to be converted are the helpfile database and the online now page.

I will get to those soon, but those require that I update the mud engine to output the new style. This will likely take me until the weekend to setup. Bear with the current pages for now.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Today I started work on making a more up to date website using HTML 5.0 and CSS 3. Honestly I'm not very good with it yet, but the site is looking better everyday. Obviously the other gent who offered to rebuild our website fell through. Pity too, I remember he had some impressive ideas. By the way I just realized my last update to the MOTD was almost a year ago. This proves to me that I need to find a reason to update more frequently.

Questions, comments, and concerns, can all be sent to me at


Saturday, May 19, 2012

We're almost ready to launch a new newbie academy, hopefully to be done sometime Sunday afternoon. Engineering has also been severely upgraded within the past month, we now have an almost fully fleshed out armor system for people to experiment with. Suggestions for further designs will all be considered, should you have any.

In other news it finally feels like we have relaunched the game. The pbase isn't huge, but it is large enough to sustain itself and make things a bit more interesting. We also have three builders starting to add new areas into the game, and an offer by one of our players to rework this tired out website. The website promise is still under development however, so we might have this tired look for some time to come.